softwash systems

SoftWash Systems offers environmentally responsible exterior cleaning solutions.

As a multimedia designer I worked closely with owner AC Lockyer. I quickly learned a wealth of information about an industry I’d never heard of. Throughout my experience working with SoftWash Systems, AC had many ideas. He knew his audience and knew what worked. He developed products and services to help entry level professionals become successful in the SoftWashing industry. He had a vision & specific creative direction for each project. My role was to help bring those ideas to life. Together we worked on standardizing templates marketing collateral that could be re-purposed for each of his in-network softwashing companies.



Softwashapolooza 2016

Success during my time working with SoftWash Systems includes the 2016 Softwashapolooza website. I introduced AC to the idea of building and event landing page with some simple animations. Once on the page, viewers could easily navigate through event details, view the full schedule, learn about the speakers and purchase tickets. I was able to show AC the ropes on google analytics. We then started tracking user activity and making adjustments as needed. The event sold out.